The main purpose of Caldwell Prison Ministries is to provide a ministry to, for and with the inmates, their families and the Staff of Caldwell Correctional Center.


 At our center we are Blessed with a beautiful Chapel on the Prison Campus. Our Chapel is administered by Chaplin Randy Greene who devotes many hours to this ministry along with his wife Mitzi.


 Because of their devotion our chapel offers services seven days a week including many afternoons as well as evenings. With this schedule several hundred men are ministered to weekly.


 Scheduling the large volunteer base we enjoy has become an enormous task.  Mitzi Greene is the force that manages all their activities.


 The point of all this is to note that our Chapel is much like any other church—needing repairs and upkeep. As you are aware and, sadly to say, our “congregation" is unable to tithe. We have no income other than fund raising or donations from our volunteers and participating Churches.


 Our Chapel was not built by nor the responsibility of the State, therefore, does not receive any funding from the State of North Carolina.


 With over 400 volunteers that hold blue cards, it may be reasonable to consider that a dollar or two a week from each volunteer would go a long way in helping fund our Ministry.


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